What Consumers are Looking for in a Post Toys R Us Era.

What happens to my unused Toys R Us gift cards? What happens to my Babys R Us registry? Where do I go to create my wish list now?

The recent bankruptcy of Toys R Us left many modern families asking these questions and more. But what’s certain is that kids haven’t stopped wishing for toys and parents haven’t stopped buying. Here’s what’s happening to all those Toys R Us kids.

(PRWEB) JULY 03, 2018  

For 60 years, kids dragged their parents to Geoffrey Giraffe's habitat to window shop, build wish lists, and try out the latest playthings. However, the family past-time came to a mournful halt on June 29th, 2018 when Toys R US closing its doors permanently under a burden of debt and a consumer shift to digital products and online shopping. While retailers Walmart, Target and Amazon played a role in the disruption, a wealth of consumers are looking for more of a family experience than a family shopping cart. The Wishfinity Jr. app supplants that family tradition with all the high tech and unplugged interests of today's modern family in mind.

Wishfinity Jr. replaces Toys R Us as the default destination to reward a child for better grades, behavior, and drafting that list of hot games and gadgets for birthdays and gifting holidays, an immersive experience for families that discount big box players aren't designed for. Wishfinity Jr. has been built from the ground up to provide kids with a vibrant shopping experience. The app welcomes kids' propensity towards wishing for toys and provides the tools to get these wishes more effectively than a sticker chart. Kids earn toys from their parents and extended family by performing chores, learning new skills, or simply being awesome kids who know how to say thank you for a gift.

Wishfinity Jr. provides a supportive and family-driven consumer experience like Toys R Us, but unlike the defunct family retailer, Wishfinity Jr. is mobile and social with a more substantial inventory but no brick and mortar burdens. As a result, Wishfinity Jr. has seen steady growth since it's beta launch. The company plans to expand its mobile applications to international markets this summer while testing a supplier self-onboarding service to scale its marketplace of wish providers.