No one is more excited to start the school year than teachers. Fresh from summer vacation and ready to enrich the hearts and minds of eager students. Often that thrill quickly fades into frustrations as daily struggles with bad behavior appear. Some of it can be addressed in the classroom, some of it will have to wait until parent-teacher conferences. Start the year off right by recommending Wishfinity Jr. to parents. 

Parents use Wishfinity Jr. to communicate the behaviors they expect the child to regularly exhibit. The behaviors then become wishes to deliver in the child's dashboard. Think of it like a digital star chart. Awareness and accountability is the first step in improvement. To further emphasize the importance of behaviors or actions, parents can choose to add a cash value to incentivize the completion of tasks within the star chart. The app goes beyond the rewarding aspect of an allowance and allows kids to work towards the specific toys and fun activities they select, empowering them to plan purchases and exercise good decision making. When kids see they are earning the things they want, they are prone to start suggesting additional studying and life skills.

As a teacher, more than likely you have wishes for various classroom supplies and equipment. Parents want to help, but maintaining a wish list can be cumbersome. Wishfinity Jr. offers millions of products and makes listing super quick for teachers, and gifting super easy for parents. Think of it as a digital registry for the classroom. 

Wishfinity Jr. supports nearly any wish a parent, child, or teacher can imagine – and proposing a wish is easy. Here are a few examples. 

Parent wishes to kid
Practice Spelling
Don't get in trouble at school
Read every day

Kid wishes to Parents
Help with math
Not yell
Volunteer in class

Kid wishes to self