How to add a Fan.

Connect with family and friends to exchange the perfect gifts! Now you can see exactly what they want and you can share your wishes too.

Add a Fan 1.png

1. From the Fans page, select the type of person you’d like to invite.

Add a Fan 2.png

2. Enter their name and email address then tap the “SEND INVITE” button.

Add a Fan 3.png

3. Confirm your new Fan accepts the invite. If not, see troubleshooting.


  • Make sure there’s not a typo in the email address. If you made a mistake, correct the email address on the Sent Invites page and tap the “RE-INVITE” button. You can access Sent Invites from the Fans page.

  • Make sure your friend checks their email. If they use a different email, follow the re-invite process above.

  • Make sure the invite email isn’t in your friends spam folder. If they are having issues receiving the invite, ask for an alternative email address and follow the re-invite instructions.

  • If all else fails, have your friend register then invite you to connect by using your email address which is associated with your Wishfinity account.