How to sign in.

After you register with Wishfinity, you can sign in by using Facebook, Google or your Email address.

Sign in using Facebook

Sign In - Facebook 1.png

1. From the Sign In page, tap the Facebook button.

Sign In - Facebook 2.png

2. Tap “Continue” to proceed with sign in.

Sign In - Facebook 3.png

3. From Facebook screen, tap “Continue” again.

Sign in using Google

Sign In - Google 1.png

1. From the Sign In page, tap the Google button.

Sign In - Google 2.PNG

2. From Google screen, enter your email, tap “Next”

Sign In - Google 3.PNG

3. Confirm your Google password and tap “Next”

Sign in using Email

Sign In - Email - 1.png

1. Enter the email you used to register to Wishfinity. This can also be the email associated to your Facebook or Google account if you used one of those methods to register originally.

Sign In - Email - 2.png

2. After entering your complete valid email, tap the big blue “GET YOUR WISHES” button. If you made a mistake, simply reenter the corrected email address and submit again.

Sign In - Email 3.png

3. Wishfinity does not use passwords, you will receive an email with a magic “CLICK HERE” link to sign into your account. Check your spam filter if you don’t receive the email within a few minutes.