Better Gifting for Administrative Professionals Day.

Chocolates, fruit baskets, flowers, balloons or random gift cards are the last things that should be provided to administrative assistants, receptionists or other critical colleagues on their special day. It's like saying, "I know nothing about you."

Administrative Professionals Day, or Admin day for short, is well-regarded as a wonderful way to celebrate the successes of key members of the team. It's a way to show respect and appreciation for the work that's been put in on their end. So the best way to express this gratitude is to provide them exactly what they want.

Personalized Wish List 

How do you know what someone wants as a gift? Well, ask them for their wish list. Wishfinity allows colleagues and coworkers to create a comprehensive wish list of everything they want from any retailer or brand on earth. Gift receivers can select products at any price tier and gift providers can give within budget but still be assured that the item is exactly what's desired.

Customization is essential when it comes to exchanging meaningful gifts. And sharing a diverse and complete wish list removes the guesswork from gifting and allows administrative professionals to receive the perfect present. For the giver, this means expressing the value of the admin's role within the company.

Sharable Wish List

Once the administrative professional has created their ultimate gift list by combining literally all wishes they have, then they can share with whoever they want. Wishfinity gift lists can be shared through email, social, Slack or even by going to their unique internet wish link. They set the privacy level per wish and gifters can sort their wishes by price or date through the website or mobile app.

The Perfect Administrative Professional's Gift

The office can be a busy place. And although employees are valued, showing that appreciation often goes neglected. Don't miss the opportunity to show colleagues and the team how important they are to the business. Make sure you give them the exact gift they want, and you're well on your way to the good vibes and productivity that result from an environment of respect and gratitude. Sign up today!