Prom, a Special Gift for a Special Time.

Prom can be a special time in a young person's life. And although gifting isn't always considered, often parents, dates and loved ones scramble at the last minute to give something special.

Last minute gift-giving can be stressful for all involved. Spending time worrying about whether or not the gift you purchased will please the receiver can cause anxiety. The same is true for those receiving gifts, it can be awkward having to pretend that you love the gift so that you do not hurt the giver's feelings. Although everyone appreciates the gesture of gifting, wouldn't it be even better if the item was exactly what the receiver wants? Wishfinity can ensure that you and your family and friends are always exchanging the perfect gifts.

Wishfinity is an easy to use website and mobile app that allows people to explicitly list their wishes and share with whoever they choose to ensure that everyone knows what gifts are desired for special events. This can be for any occasion that presents might be given such as graduation, prom, congratulations or birthdays. Wishfinity is your ultimate gift registry because it combines all retailers into one. Imagine creating a single wish list of everything you want, taking the guesswork out of gifting along the way.

Instead of having to pick from the limited product options sold at a certain retailer, now you can aggregate them all. Literally, any brand or product or wish you have for prom, you can add it to your list then decide to share with whoever you want. And the wishes you don't want to share, simply keep them to yourself. Wishfinity is completely customizable — sort by price, date or people you're connected with.

And connecting for prom or anything else is super easy. You can invite by email, social platforms or simply tell people your unique wish link. And while connecting to friends and family, be sure to ask for their wish list as well. Gifting goes both ways and you want to give them exactly what they're asking for.

As a gift giver or receiver, you can be sure that the prom gift is perfect. Simply sign up, connect with loved and start trading wishes. You can exchange presents based on what's appropriate, within budget and for the first time, exactly what's desired.