Make Nowruz Gift Giving Easier with Wishfinity.

Nowruz is just around the corner. If you celebrate the Persian New Year, then you're probably already racking your brain trying to decide what gifts to get your friends and family. Gift giving can be a fun experience, but it can also be very stressful. You may also be thinking about the gifts you'll receive yourself. Will they even be what you need or want? And how do you ensure you're giving exactly what a loved one wants?

We've all been in that unfortunate situation where someone gives us a gift that we don't really like. Chance are, it will never be used even though you appreciate the gesture. It means that whoever purchased it essentially wasted their money. But gift giving doesn't have to be like that this year at Nowruz.

Use Wishfinity To Get The Best Gifts

The best way to avoid getting gifts that you don't like is to maintain a clear-cut wishlist. And that doesn't mean writing what you want on a piece of paper and passing it around before the Persian New Year. It means maintaining an online list of gifts that you really want. People can view that wishlist and then purchase the gifts for you. And in return, you can ask friends and family for their Nowruz wish list as well. This way, everyone is certain that they get what they want.

The problem with wish lists in the past is that they were maintained across multiple retailer websites, and each list is limited to the merchandise of that particular store. Wishfinity has made the process much easier by allowing you and your loved ones to collect all your Nowruz wishes into a single site and mobile application. People can simply click on the item they want to gift and purchase it directly from the original retailer or simply see what the gift receiver wants.

Wishfinity is a massive online registry that allows you to connect with all of the online retailers you want including Neiman Marcus, Wayfair, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, American Eagle, Etsy just to name a few. It combines thousands of different brands, which allows you to manage every gift you want into a single online and mobile wish list.

Organize For The Holidays

Wishfinity comes with a lot of cool features that make it ideal for giving and receiving gifts. You can connect with anyone you expect to trade wishes with throughout the year, for any holiday, and sort their wishes by price or date. This means you can organize a list with specific items that are suitable as Nowruz gifts or birthdays or any other times where you're looking to provide the perfect gift. These wishes can then be shared with friends and family via social media or email or even tell them your unique wish link. Before you know it, everyone is exchanging exactly what's wanted and no longer guessing and what to gift.