Caring for the planet and conserving its natural resources is incredibly important and should be on the world's chore chart. Recycling, not wasting food, picking up our trash and not littering are all part of necessary efforts in taking care of our planet. But how often do we think to conserve water?  

It may not be something you typically think of, but teaching our children to conserve water is as equally important as teaching them to recycle. And, as is the case with most things, the best way to teach a child to do anything is to lead by example. But, we are human, and that makes it nearly impossible to get it right each and every time. So, to help you and your family in your efforts to conserve water, we’ve put together a short list to get the ball rolling. 

3 simple parenting tips to teach your child to conserve water.

1. Turn off the faucet!

Often we leave the water running while we're brushing our teeth or washing dishes. If you didn’t know, that’s a HUGE no-no. The good news is, if you have toddlers, you can start teaching them to conserve water by turning off the faucet each time you guide them through brushing their teeth. As they get a little older, you could reward them weekly based on how consistent they're in turning off the water as they brush their teeth. (Wishfinity has some great ways to help with that!) 

2. Time your showers.

A good way to keep track of how long you’ve been in the shower is to time them. Fret not, it doesn’t have to be with an old-fashioned timer. You can make it fun by playing one of your favorite songs on your iPod or smartphone, and aiming to keep your shower time within the 4-5 minutes your song is playing.  

3. Wash larger loads.

This can be a tough one if you’re living with teenagers, but it is doable. Let your kids know that laundry will only be done once a week. During the washing process, make sure you have full loads. Not only will you conserve water, but you’ll probably notice a decrease in your water bill as well. It’s a win/win!