Playing outside was something previous generations looked forward to doing. It wasn't considered a chore. It’s where the neighborhood kids would get together and ride bikes, skate, play tag, and use their imaginations to come up with fun ways to spend the days. But in a world where most of our entertainment comes from an iPad, television or computer, children are becoming less and less familiar with the outdoors. While being inside isn't necessarily bad, it is important kids have time to play outside, too. 

5 great parenting tips to get your child to play outside.

1. Give them a head start!

Put your babies in a stroller and go for a walk! Introducing your kids to the outdoors at an early age will teach them to enjoy being outside. You can eventually replace the stroller with a tricycle and walk beside them while you walk through your neighborhood. Doing this on a regular basis will give you and your child something to wake up excited about! 

2. Go camping.

Camping is one of the best ways to spend time outdoors. Not only do you play outside, but you eat and sleep outdoors, too! Camping does require a good amount of teamwork, so taking your kids on a camping trip is a great way to teach them a bit of responsibility while providing them with beautiful memories. Not only that, but by putting removing electronics from the equation, you’ll be able to connect with your family on a more personal level. 

3. Take your arts and crafts outdoors.

Purchase some eco-friendly art supplies and get creative with your young ones. Color the sidewalks with chalk, or set up a kiddie table where they can get a little messy with finger paints. 

4. Get in the water!

If you can, take your children to a water park, a beach or a lake. They’ll be physically active and enjoy spending time in the water. 

5. Play hopscotch and jump rope.

Go outside and play with your kids. Once you’ve introduced them to the classics such as hopscotch and jump rope, you’ll have to beg them to come inside!

These are just a few ways to get your child to play outside. And to keep track, you could always add fun activities to your family's wish list.