Admit it, there are days when showering is the last thing you have time to do. But being seen disheveled and realizing you smell while being introduced to another parent during after-school pick-up, is just not an option. Much like adults, kids don't always feel the need to bathe. Their schedules are cram packed with desire to experience life, have fun and not slow down for annoying things like bath time. So how do we get those adorable mongrels to shower without a nightly battle? The best way to get your kids to bathe, outsmart them.

How exactly do I get my child to shower or take a bath without a fight? Here are 4 parenting tips.

1. Implement a routine and stick with it.

Structure and discipline are key fundamentals every kid needs, so if bathing every day is a must don't let them slide on the issue. Set up a reward system for every time they take a bath without a fight (getting in and getting out).

2. Make bath time fun.

Maintaining cleanliness shouldn't feel like a chore. For younger kids, there are bath toys and bath paints. For older kids, try their favorite songs and see if they can get their shower done in two songs or less. This is also a great way to conserve water.

3. Change up the routine to find the ideal time for you and your child.

If it's a bath at the end of the day, try having bath-time after dinner instead of before bed. This strategy works best for kids excited to enjoy a little after dinner / before bed screen-time (playing video games, surfing the web, watching programs). 

4. Is the fight about who goes first?

If you have a ton of kids to shuttle through the bathroom, set a schedule to make sure younger kids know exactly when they are expected to get in and out of the shower. Let teens take responsibility for managing their shower time around the fixed schedule of other family members.

Having a child who takes forever to bathe can throw everyone else off their schedule. In this case, it's best to change the line-up. The kid who takes the longest in the bathroom needs to either be the last one to bathe at night or the first one in the morning. Then, set a countdown clock to make sure every family member knows just how much time they have remaining.