Bad habits are hard to break, and swearing is no exception. Whether it's to set a good example for your children or as a part of your journey to self-improvement, making the decision to not swear is a good one. Fortunately, once you’ve decided to not swear, we have some parenting tips to help you achieve your goal.

3 parenting tips for anyone to stop swearing.

1. Don’t be trigger happy.

Since you’ve already identified the bad habit you want to break, you can focus in on identifying your triggers. It could be heavy traffic, waking up late for work, or forgetting something at the store — whatever it is, it’s important that you identify the trigger to your swearing. In identifying your triggers, you’ll be more likely to catch yourself before letting those naughty words slip out.  

2. Change the way you think.

To better increase your chances of nipping the curse words in the bud, work on changing the way you think. Running late for work? Maybe the few minute delay in your day saved you from an accident. Is the waiter taking longer than you’d like to bring your dish? Maybe the cook kept it on the grill a little longer to make sure it was cooked thoroughly. Whatever the situation, make the decision to focus on the positive possibilities rather than the negative. Not only will it make you happier, but you will more than likely not swear when thinking positively. 

3. Reward Yourselves.

Designate a no-swear jar for the entire family. Set a small goal for something you'd like to do as a family. For every day, your family gets through without using a bad word, place a dollar (or two) in the jar. At the end of the week, you can save the money for something bigger, or use it to go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. It’s small, but it’s a great incentive to teaching your children to not swear. If you'd like to make this approach more high-tech, your family could alway use a mobile chore tracker.