How do I get my child to help take out trash? Here are some parenting tips.

Taking out the trash is probably the easiest and fastest chore on a child’s list. Yet, for some reason, it’s the one chore that gets forgotten about and pushed aside the most. Tired of saying, “Didn’t I tell you to take out the trash”? You might want to try the following tips to get your child to take out the trash.

Put it on their list of responsibilities.

If you already have a chore list, “take out the trash” should be an easy thing to add. If you don’t, why not start a modern list of tasks they handle already adding take out the trash to the top of the list? Lists are a great tool to help your child manage their responsibilities.

You only need a paper and pen or a dry-erase board to create a visual reminder for your whole family. Or you can get crafty and draw or print out pictures of tasks for younger kids. Use a picture of a bed to symbolize “make the bed” and a toy for “pick up your toys”. You can put a magnet on the back and when your child completes a chore they can stick in on the fridge to let you know they’re done.

Set aside a “trash time”.

Children get distracted easily, and they forget to do things. Try establishing “trash time” right after dinner. As soon as your child is finished eating have them take out the trash. This will prevent them from getting wrapped up in a game or reading and the subsequent struggle to pry them away to take care of this chore. Or if your family doesn't need the trash taken out daily, pick a consistent day and time when it should be handled. The time doesn’t matter as long as it works for your schedule, start by picking a day and time to see if that works for your family. Then create a reminder for you and your child, and keep track of how successful your child is at consistently taking out the trash, as well as if you need to adjust the frequency.