As parents, we do everything we can to give our children the greatest start in life possible. We teach them manners, encourage them to engage in sports, and make them dinner each night. But when all that is said and done, we are still faced with the junk food battle. How do you get your sweet child to eat less junk food in order live a healthy life without it being a chore? 

Get kids to eat less junk food with 3 simple parenting tips.

1. Don't buy it.

The best thing you can do to stop yourself and your child from eating junk food is to quit buying it. When our families go to the grocery store, we usually walk past a few aisles that have cookies, chips, and sodas. We then rationalize our choices by telling ourselves if we buy a few items it won’t be so bad. As long as we have junk food in the house, we’re going to eat it, so do yourself a favor and don’t bring it in your home.  

2. Eat it—once in a while.

Depriving ourselves of the things we like is a guaranteed way to go back and overindulge on them. While keeping it stocked within your home is a definite no-no, don't deprive yourself entirely. Treat yourself once a week (or once a month if you have that type of self-control) to the things you love. If it's burger and fries, and maybe a milkshake after, go for it! But remember, don’t overindulge. Just eat it to satisfy your craving, and go back to eating the healthier things in life. 

3. Drink water.

We know this sounds crazy, but believe us—it works. The urge to nosh on chips and candy can be deterred by a glassful of water. When our bodies begin to crave junk, we typically think it’s because we’re hungry. The truth is; this is more often than not a sign of dehydration. By drinking plenty of water throughout the day, you’re not only hydrating your body, but also you're filling up on a healthy, natural resource. To keep up the good practice, you can add the task to their mobile reward chart app.