6 parenting tips to encourage kids to write in a journal.

Learning to write in a journal is such a rewarding skill for children. It helps with confidence and being able to express their feelings about themselves and their life. Journaling is also a fun activity with endless possibilities. Below are some parenting tips on how to get your child to write in a journal.

1. Let your child decorate their journal.

Make an event out of journaling. Plan a day to go shopping for a notebook and decorations. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. An inexpensive notebook and Dollar Store decorations like ribbon, construction paper, and yarn are enough. You might even have decorations at home you can use. A shiny, brand-new notebook is hard for any child not to use.

2. Prepare interesting and fun journaling prompts.

The dreaded blank page can intimidate new writers. Prevent writer’s block by preparing prompts to get your child started. You can think of some yourself or search online. There are many lists to choose from and even some online writing prompt generators like Scholastic Story Starters.

3. Set a daily journaling time.

Pick a time and place for you and your child to dedicate to journaling. Add this time to your child's chore chart app. This time can be in the morning before breakfast or during breakfast or first thing after school or right before bed. Pick a time when your child is happy and attentive. Pick a quiet and comfortable place. You can even brew some tea or make hot chocolate or some other special treat to enjoy.

4. Join in the journaling fun.

Grab a notebook for yourself and journal with your child. Pick the topic together, get cozy on a comfy couch and share what you wrote (if you want to). Sharing this time with your child will be enjoyable for both of you. And seeing you journal will give your child a boost of confidence and dedication to keep writing.

5. Don’t worry about spelling, vocabulary or punctuation.

The point of journaling is to help your child express their self. Journaling should become a natural activity, much like talking. Focus more on the act of writing rather than the quality of the writing.

6. Incorporate arts and crafts into your child’s journal.

Your child’s journal doesn’t have to contain only words. Your child can paint, doodle, watercolor and scrapbook in their journal. You can buy art paper specifically made to handle art supplies, or you can use a regular notebook. A standard notebook might wrinkle if you use watercolor or glue, but that just adds character! Go crazy and have fun!