While there are plenty of good things happening in this world and through social media, it's getting harder and harder to teach children what it means to talk nicely to others. Social media has enabled people to say mean unkind things on a regular basis without any consequence. This lack of accountability can escalate into behavior causing horrible reactions for the victims of those bullied by their online and offline peers.  

How to teach your child to talk nicely to others. 4 parenting tips.

1. Speak with intention.

Children spend the first few years of their life watching and mimicking you, their parent. Make a point to set a good example when you talk to your children, your partner, your family, and friends. Take time to listen to others, don't interrupt, and choose your words well. Your children will see you talk nicely to others, and will learn to do the same. 

2. Correct them.

When you catch your child speaking in a way that isn't very nice, don't hesitate to correct them. As with anyone, it's never kind or polite to call someone out in front of others, and your children are no exception. So, if you're out in public when your child speaks rudely, pull them aside immediately and address the issue. Remind him of what was said, and let him know what about the approach and content was not appropriate. Ask him what he thinks he could have said instead, and –if he is not able to come up with alternatives—suggest something that would have been nicer. Your child may feel bad or embarrassed by what they said, so be sure to remind them that you love them and only want the best for them. 

3. Make a game out of it.

Each day, ask your kids to write down a few nice things about each member of your household. For each day your kids complete the chore, reward them using a modern mobile app. It doesn't have to be a tangible reward, but maybe something like going to the park or simply telling them how proud you are will do the trick. 

4. Be sure to omit complaints!

The overall objective is to get your child to say nice things, not negative. Getting your child to focus regularly on speaking nicely and focusing on the positive qualities of your family members will help him talk nicely to others without too much thought.