Getting your child to do school related tasks when they’re not in school can be worse than a chore, it's like asking them to pull their own teeth out. And as parents, we understand it takes a bit of creativity when figuring out ways to get our children to do what we’d like them to do. School related tasks are no different, which is why we’ve put together a few creative parenting tips to get your child to practice math.

3 parenting ips for getting your child to practice math.

1. Utilize math workbooks.

Math workbooks are a fabulous way to get your child to enjoy learning math. With pages of math problems to solves, it may seem a lot like school work. But you can make that fun by rewarding your child with stickers for a job well done. If you would like to apply greater incentives for a series of pages completed successfully, you can bump up the reward to a trip to your local frozen yogurt shop, or maybe a trip to the arcade. A treat like this will definitely up the ante with your child, and will encourage her to improve her math skills.

2. Introduce her to programming, and show her that the possibilities are endless.

Recent initiatives such as Google’s Made with Code are showing your child how far she can go when she applies math and technology to many aspects of her life. If she enjoys jewelry that lights up, she can make it! If she can think it, she can create it. Giving her something to work towards will make the learning process so much greater, and you may find she’s more eager to practice math.

3. Use it in day-to-day activities.

Rewarding her along the way removes the friction. When making a meal, ask your child to count the number of eggs being used. When you take your child grocery shopping with you, ask them to calculate the total as you go along. If they need help, they can use a calculator or a notepad, but aim to get them to understand how to calculate numbers in their head without help. The more they do this, the stronger their calculating skills will become, and the quicker they will be.