The moment we find out we are expecting, our lives begin to center around ensuring our children receive adequate nutrition. We know and understand that our prenatal diet directly affects our children, and could even predispose them to childhood obesity. But once our children are born, how can we ensure they do not over eat? Listed are a few things you can do to help keep your child from over-eating.

3 parenting tips to make sure your children don't overeat. 

When trying to teach children to not overeat, do your part in ensuring they eat less. Understand that they will be filling up on something. But what can they possibly fill up on besides junk food?

1. Fill up on veggies.

Have you noticed how restaurants often give a basket of bread before your meal arrives? If so, then you’re very familiar with the satiated feeling that comes with having noshed on that basket of bread. If you want your child to eat less, try using the same technique—only with vegetables. Prior to dinner, provide your children with some carrots and olives or a pre-dinner salad. If your children do not like raw vegetables, include some warm veggies with a special sauce in the dinner you prepare. Not only are you encouraging your child to eat healthier foods, but you’re also ensuring they do not overeat at dinner.

2. Water. Drink water.

By encouraging your children to drink plenty of water, you can be sure they don’t have the same cravings for junk food –or any food for that matter— they had before. To promote these positive routines, start a mobile chore chart to clearly state all your child's expected behaviors and allow them to earn fun prizes once they achieve these goals. 

3. Give them snacks.

It is important to teach our children to refrain from consuming too much junk food, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have snacks. Providing your child with healthy snacks throughout the day will keep the satisfied and prevent overeating at dinnertime. Something like almonds, grapes, cheese and crackers, or some carrots and ranch will provide them with nutrients they need. And considering children often want junk food when they’re hungry, a healthy snack will help get them to eat less junk food.