Getting children to do things such as chores can be quite the challenge. But have you ever struggled with getting your child to draw for fun? Our tech-consumed youth are becoming less and less familiar with things that don’t involve a Wi-Fi connection. To help you get your child involved in something analog, we’ve listed a few things you can do to encourage her drawing abilities.

4 wonderful parenting tips to get your child to draw.

1. Draw with her.

Remember how much fun you used to have drawing and coloring as a child? It was great, right? One of the benefits of having children is that it allows us to channel our inner child. Rather than consume yourself in housework, join your child during her art session. Not only will you have a great time letting go of responsibilities for a short time, but your child will appreciate you spending that time with her. After all, what could be better than bonding with your child over something as wonderful as drawing?

2. Give her creative freedom.

The act of drawing is an art, and the most wonderful form of art is that which comes from the soul. While you’re encouraging your child to draw, be sure not to correct her. As parents, we naturally want to see our child excel, and when we see their unique drawings, we want to show them how to make it ‘better’. DON’T. Accept your child’s work of art as just that-- her work of art. It’s a genuine expression of who she is, what she sees, and how she feels, and that is not for you to change.

3. Use pencils, markers, paint.

Most people associate drawing with pencils when, in fact, you can use some resources to draw. Rather than limit your child to pencils, lay out some markers and finger paints. Encourage her to explore and appreciate the unconventional aspects of art, and this will help develop her creativity.

4. Study it.

If your child is struggling with the technical aspects of drawing, get her to read a book on the topic. Reading about the subject will help her develop her skill, and give her some ideas on how to draw specific things such as people, landscapes, and buildings. You’ll also be encouraging her to study things that are not school related, and that is always a plus!