Reading has long been a way to relax, unwind, and escape the everyday stresses that come with adulthood. It’s something we often enjoy, but don’t always find time to do. But with so many benefits—like vocabulary expansion and memory improvement, to name a few—it’s important that we teach our children to complete a book and practice doing the same.  

How to encourage your child to complete a book. 3 parenting tips:

The first step in teaching your child to complete a book is to begin reading with your child as soon as possible. As parents, we often read to them without realizing that we’re doing just that— reading to them. During story time, make it a point to engage your child in the reading process. If your child is unable to read, you can ask them what they think of the story. If they’re learning to read, take turns reading pages to one another. Your excitement and interest in reading will rub off on your child, and they’ll be excited about reading books on their own! 

1. Stock up on picture books.

Picture books are a great way to stimulate your child's imagination and get them excited about books. As your child begins to remember the images, introduce them to picture books with words. Read to them each evening (or whenever you have time to sit with them and read), and don’t begin a new one until you’ve finished one entire book.  

2. Join a book club.

Some of the difficulty in getting anyone—especially a child—to complete a book is the solitude that usually comes with reading. In joining a book club, your child will have other people reading the same book as them, and that will make the book reading experience a social one. 

3. Assign book reports.

Summer breaks are the perfect time for a child to read a collection of books that aren’t assigned by a teacher! Encourage your child to take advantage of this, and ask them to write a short report on the books they read. Once they're complete, reward them on your family's mobile reward app. One a month is a good way to encourage reading while ensuring their writing abilities don’t go to waste.