Hodor, hodor, hodor. Holding the door for someone is such a simple, yet powerful, thing. It’s spontaneous. It’s quick. It’s free. And it just might make a stranger’s day. Adding “holding the door” to your child’s list of good deeds is simple and fun.

How to teach your child to hold the door for others. 5 easy parenting tips.

1. Set the example.

The first step to teaching your child to do anything is set the example. Children love to copy whatever mom and dad do. Setting an example is the best way to teach your child to hold the door for others because it’s painless and stress-free. When you’re out and about with your children, make it a point to hold the door for strangers. While you hold the door say, “Look, let’s hold the door for this nice lady.”

2. Point out what to look for.

The most obvious opportunity to hold the door for someone is when they have their hands full or if they are disabled. If you see a good candidate, point them out to your child and say, “See that man there. I bet he could use our help holding the door.” Once your child recognizes when people most need the door held for them, she will jump at the chance to help.

3. Let your child help.

Before you decide to hold the door for someone, give your child the opportunity to help. A simple, “Would you like to help this lady by holding the door?” should be all you need to say.

4. Practice at home.

When you come home from the grocery store with your hands full of bags, take this opportunity to give your child some practice. Say, “Could you help mommy by holding the door for me. These groceries are pretty heavy.” You can also have your child show other family members what she’s learned. Ask your child if she would like to show grandma how she can hold the door. Children love to show off new skills.

5. Keep track of doors held.

Turn this good deed into a game. Add "hold door for others" to your family's mobile chore chart app and let your child mark it off with each accomplishment. Your kid will earn a cool prize that you probably would have bought anyways and you've created a polite little angel. Above all: have fun!