When your child is small, it’s easy to place him in a stroller and go on a walk. He will likely be amazed by squirrels, birds, flowers, and other things you’ll see along the way. As your child grows into his teen years, he will probably prefer to spend more time playing video games and less time going on walks. When this happens, it’s important you find creative ways to get your child to go on a walk so it doesn't feel like a chore.

Creative parenting tips to get your child to go on a walk.

A fantastic way to get your child to go on a walk is to make it fun. Children can either be easily bored or easily entertained. If walking is not something your child seems excited about, it’s time to get creative. One fun thing you can do is to do a sort of scavenger hunt. Compile a list of things you might see on the walk, and share it with your child. It’s best to keep the list short and simple, so include somewhere between three and five items. A few things you can include are:

  • A mailbox

  • A garden gnome

  • A tabby cat

  • A rose bush

  • A penny on the ground

The fun that comes with spotting something you’ve been looking for will not only make it fun but will give your child something to look forward to on the walk.

Another way to get your child to go on a walk is to explain the importance of being physically active. Remind your child of how important it is for him to make healthy choices, not only regarding the food he puts in his body but how he treats it as well. After all, a 30-minute walk can improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of some cancers, and help prevent obesity.

Lastly, don’t push the issue. If nothing you do seems to encourage your child to go on a walk, don’t force it. The best thing you can do is to lead by example, so continue to take your evening and weekend walks with your partner, other children, friends, or even alone. Even if your child doesn’t immediately respond, he will remember seeing you go on walks and take care of yourself.